SBMO Consulting knows that without a defined strategy and the necessary systems in place, organizations can find themselves in a sales stalemate.  As a result, SBMO offers organizations the following services:

Sales Strategy

It is not uncommon for small or medium-sized businesses to lack a concrete sales strategy. Often times, these businesses have grown organically and it’s only once they have hit a “growth wall” that this missing piece in the foundation is exposed.

SBMO Consulting uses a methodical approach to helping business leaders define their sales strategy and set clear and motivating objectives.

Sales and Marketing Planning

As the age-old expression goes, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”  Once the sales strategy and objectives are established, SBMO helps ensure the plans, systems and tools are in place for strategy execution.

Sales Process Defining / Redefining

SBMO Consulting helps businesses understand their sales processes, both internally and from the customers’ perspective.  Having a clearly defined sales process helps set expectations for sales team members, other stakeholders within the organization, and for customers.

Sales Playbook

SBMO Consulting helps organizations write their sales playbook, ultimately creating SOPs (standard operating procedures) for the sales team. This helps to ensure that sales team members, both local and remote, are all following the sales processes and best practices.

Sales Tools

Whether it’s helping select the right CRM solution or creating the perfect scorecard to help monitor sales activities, SBMO Consulting works with organizations to identify which sales tools are needed to optimize sales performance.


With the perspective that marketing is a tool for sales success, SBMO Consulting, along with a network of service providers, offers marketing ideas and solutions to help support sales objectives and initiatives.

Sales People Planning

SBMO Consulting can help with the people planning function of the sales team, including current state assessment, recruitment assistance, and scaling-up forecasting and planning.

Sales Coaching and Training

SBMO Consulting can provide sales leaders with coaching and mentorship, or provide 1-on-1 or sales team training sessions.

Customer Experience

Knowing that referrals and word-of-mouth advertising can be some of the most powerful growth mechanisms, SBMO Consulting helps businesses define and establish a premium customer experience, without eating into the bottom line.