What's In a Name?


I’ve learned that naming your business is much like naming your child. When my husband and I were expecting our children (first a girl, then a boy) we spent hours searching for those perfect names; names that would do our children justice from infancy to adulthood.   

When naming my Sales and Marketing Consulting firm, I went through a similar process. I needed a name that symbolized both me and what I stand for in both business and life. I “test drove” many names, mulling them over in my head, writing them down, saying them outloud. But none of them fit.

And then, it hit me...

SBMO. Small But Mighty One.

It was perfect. It had meaning. It represented my own journey and it portrayed exactly what gets me excited about my business, the businesses that inspire me, and the businesses I help. Plus, it was a nickname given to me years ago by one of the most important influencers in my life.

I believe that small (and medium) businesses can be mighty! Not only do I believe it, but I’ve experienced it firsthand. And I’m excited to help other small but mighty businesses grow to their full potential.

PS:  The small business category is already pretty mighty in British Columbia! Check out these stats from the Ministry of Jobs, Trades and Technology:  

  •  98 percent of all businesses in BC are small businesses
  •  Small businesses account for 54% of private sector employment in BC
  •  Small business exporters accounted for 42% of the total value of goods exported from BC
  •  BC is well above the national average in many categories, including
    •  Small businesses per capita
    •  Percentage of employees working for small businesses in the private sector
    •  Percentage of women who are self-employed