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Shannon Johnston, Chief Consultant

Shannon Johnston is a savvy sales and marketing professional with a proven track record in  business-to-business sales growth. Shannon holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Human Resources Management and a Diploma in Marketing Management from Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Shannon has also completed sales training through Sandler Training and Topgrading Recruitment Training.

Shannon has held sales leadership positions in industries including manufacturing, CPG (consumer packaged goods), marketing, and logistics. In each role, Shannon was key in setting, implementing, and executing on sales strategies and tactical plans. Shannon has experience building sales teams, establishing a sales organization mentality, and creating sales processes and tools from scratch. Shannon thrives on working with entrepreneurial-spirited leaders and teams who are committed to and focused on revenue growth.

Our Why

SBMO Consulting exists to help the small become mighty. We do this by helping small and medium-sized organizations realize their true sales and marketing potential and, in turn, their authentic success. 

Too often, in business and in life, we strive to be everything to everyone. In business, this can look like undefined markets, unclear value-propositions, under-developed systems and processes, and unmet objectives. In life, this can look like a dissatisfaction with the current state.

SBMO Consulting helps organizations and the people who work within them define and realize their authentic success, leading to clarity, joy and growth. We help the small become mighty.